Bias Amp 2 Still not detecting BIAM MINI.

  • I have a Bias Mini guitar and somehow the bias amp 2 stoped to detect it when i plug. It is a long time since i used it connected on pc and i never used by the mobile software. I had my setup and used it giging and never needded to plug on softwae for editindg again. Now i have to plug it an its not working anymore. I already ran every steps listed for this problem in positive grid site and it stil not working. I've tried in a friend computer that haves a Bias Head and it works perfectly, and mine one did not work too. Does someone already had this problem? Someone know what can i do to fix it?

  • Moderator

    @mocabe Please write to us at , we will follow this up.

  • Hi Felix. I already did it. You answar my first email, but i have no answars sinse last friday. I sent like 5 mails after that and did not recive any any response.
    Could you help me please?