Crunch Preamp and Noise Gate

  • Hi all, was hoping someone could help me replicate a weird bug.

    Using my Bias Mini connected to the iPad app as a remote, changing the preamp to "crunch" (not a present, swapping the preamp component) causes the noise gate to severely drop the input level. For example, if I load the stock Plexi 50w present, change the preamp to crunch, then enable the Noise Gate, the input signal drops and loses a lot of gain. This doesn't happen using other presets, the gain stays pretty much the same.

    The crunch present also seems to pump the low end frequencies, even with the high pass on full and bass knob on zero it's very bass heavy!

    Can anyone replicate these issues using the latest ipad software and bias mini firmware? And yes I've factory reset etc several times.

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    @c3145114 Hey Zac, We're looking into this and I will keep you updated.

  • Just pointing out that this is still an issue and apparently it is being looked at. Would like to see a resolution soon, these units aren't exactly cheap and shouldn't have such basic issues.