Guitar match tutorial?

  • Is there a proper tutorial that shows how to use guitar match?
    I've been following the steps in the program dozens of times already, but I keep getting match failed messages en most of the match options keep giving this nasty gurgling sound.
    When I play the single notes at the first measuring stage, I get a completed message, so I guess that goes well, but as soon as I have to do 6 strings on every second position, the strings that light up are ahead what I play, are behind what I play, or even when they are correct with what I play and I dont get any failed messages at all, I still get that gurgling sound with most match options in the list.
    I tried playing the 6 strings note for note, but when there's a pause between two notes, the measurement fails. I tried playing them long and connected, but then the strings on the screen light up ahead of what I'm playing, the program goes to the next position, while I'm still at the 2nd or 1st string and the measurement fails. I tried playing them short and connected, but then the 1st string on the screen doesnt light up and the program doesnt move on and when I hit the 1st string a second time, the program moves on, but again I get the message the measurement failed.
    Even when I get it done to keep the measurement going exactly synchronous with what I play and I dont get any fail messages at all and I think it finally worked properly, 90% of the match options have this nasty gurgling in the sound.
    I noticed that the gurgling responds to resonance knob, when I turn it up, it gets worse, however, when I turn it down, I can get a little gurgling out of the sound, at most, but I loose a lot of gain and sustain, which basically means I cant turn this setting down without loosing sound.
    I tried 6 different guitar already, ranging from a few hundred dollars, up to a few thousand dollars, but the results are all the same.
    I've been looking for tutorials, but all I find are people who read the instructions from the screen and dont explain anything besides that and no one gets into the mechanics, or what actions make a difference in how the program responds.
    How do I get rid of the nasty gurgling and get a usable result from guitar match?

  • I found the problem!
    In short, a list of I/O modules that arent fit for guitar match would have been nice. For starts, the Motu 828 MK2 doesnt work. A cheap ass Berhinger UMC202 works great.

  • A2

    Whoa! Why would that be? Are you saying using an 828 WITHOUT a DI wouldn't work? That would make sense. I do know a 2408, or an 896, either of those with a direct box, works fine