Monthly Challenge Announcement!

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    Hey Sparkers!

    We've got a bunch of new content for you this month! Outside of several new playlists releasing soon, we've got a new monthly challenge for you! This month, in the fifth month of the year, we're going to explore the pentatonic scale! The pentatonic scale is the basis for a lot of melodies in blues and eastern styles of music. There are 5 notes in it, hence the name; penta meaning five, tonic meaning notes (and also why we've designed the challenge for May :P).

    The challenge incorporates hammer ons and pull offs (Legato technique), and it goes through the scale reminiscent of Paul Gilbert's style. Paul Gilbert is the guitarist for Mr.Big and Racer-X, and is regarded as one of legends that shaped face-melting legato playing in rock. We've created a playlist as well so you can explore Paul Gilbert's work. Be sure to check it out!

    We hope you take the time to practice and play this month's challenge, and if you complete it, feel free to shoot a video of you completing the challenge and tag us on FaceBook and Instagram so we can share it with the world! Let us be your stage!

    Rock on!

    The Spark Team \m/