Join Spark Beta Program!

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    Hi everyone!

    We'd like to invite anyone no matter you are still a beginner, professionals, guitar teacher or the avenger to join with us to shape a better product that people can learn and play guitar with.

    Simply click the link below to download the beta version of Spark and you'll be involved to the program .

    Right now we only have iOS version to test but we'll support more platforms in the future.

    *While the beta builds have the latest features and cool bug fixes, they can be unstable and might not work as you expect.

    Spark Team


  • Hi Jason,

    With Spark Amp pre-order shipments beginning next month, do you have plans to beta an Android client prior to release?

    Best and thanks!

  • @jason-chen

    Why did I receive an email inviting me to join the Spark beta testing program when th link leads to an instruction page with the heading "no additional beta testers are being accepted at this time"???

    Thinking that message was wrong - since I received in invitation - I downloaded the IOS software anyway. And when opened, the app says No apps available to test". I tried using the "redeem" link to no avail - it needs a Test Flight Invitation Code" - which, of course, I don't have.

    I this yet another website problem? I haven't received the amp yet and have had nothing but problems. Positive Grid is not exactly building my confidence!