Suggestion for Bias Heads

  • Hi,

    I do have the Bias Rack Powered and I have replaced all the stock preset with mine that are all Metal based.
    My suggestion would be to add a small screen to display the real name of the preset instead of having to swap setting per setting blindly. Or find a way to plug an external screen to do the job.
    Another suggestion would be to motorise all the know so the preset settings are reflected on the physical panel.

    I really enjoy having this amp, making my life easier :)

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  • @st said in Suggestion for Bias Heads:
    ... Or find a way to plug an external screen to do the job.

    Why don't you hook up an iPad, to have the largest and brightest screen in the whole amp industry?

  • true that ^^
    but until yesterday I did not understand why it was impossible to connect my rack to my iPhone or my iPad.
    I found out the rack needs to be unplug from the computer (USB) to have this feature work. ( a bit odd in my opinion)


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    @st Indeed, will share it to our product team later!! :grimacing:

  • led-rings around the buttons that light up circular-wise to reflect their value.