Setup Help using FX2/Laptop for Low Latency and Gigging with Live 10

  • Hey PG'ers, hoping someone can get me on the right path. I have been using Bias FX VST for a few years, really happy with the sounds I am getting. I have started writing for a new project a year ago, I am now getting ready to start the final tracking for the EP then hopefully gigging so really want to get the setup right. DAW, I run Ableton Live 10, Macbook Pro 2.7ghz Quad processor with SSD/16GigRam. Have been using a Scarlette 2i2 interface. Latency has been fine for writing and getting ideas down, but I would like to get it now as low as possible. Would anyone be able to recommend a good interface they have used with low latency, I am thinking of thunderbolt connection plus would like 2 separate stereo out I can send backing tracks on 1 out and guitar on the other. Also, I am going to need MIDI so hopefully PG get this sorted soon. Would I be correct to assume when this is sorted I will have access via midi pedal to PC/CC changes etc. within Ableton Live etc. Was originally thinking I would use the PG hardware but the head and FX pedals would set me back $3500+ here in Oz on top of my already software layout, so that's out of the question. Any help from someone doing this would be greatly appreciated.

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    We did a ton of stuff using scripts and plugs in REAPER, but for the most part you should be fine in Live to do a similar thing

    On the interface side, it really depends both how sensitive you are to latency, and how sensitive you are to marketing.

    In reality onto my 3rd decade of DAWs, I've never once had a customer complain about a TRUE 10msec or less round trip latency. I've extremely rarely had them complain about a 15 msec latency. Most of the people running guitar apps on iPhones are actually running at around 22msec or more round trip latency

    Nearly every device available right now with a REAL ASIO driver (not asio 4 all) will get you under 10ms RTL with Bias and several other fx plugins running at the same time.

    BIAS FX2 may need an efficiency pass in the software to be able to do that on most devices, but it already can with MOTU and RME interfaces

  • @pipelineaudio said in Setup Help using FX2/Laptop for Low Latency and Gigging with Live 10:

    RME interfaces

    Thanks Pipeline appreciate the response, checked out your web page stuff quickly. I suppose I just am pretty disappointed in the PG stuff as this is all sounding very complicated I really just want to play guitar not dick around with IT stuff. I really love Bias head/FX and the idea of using my laptop, but it is looking like I may have to head the AxeFXIII or Kemper direction and cut my losses.

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    You don't have to make it super complicated. If you just want to run BiasFX, just run it in standalone with any decent interface with a real ASIO driver. It'll work just fine.

    For a little bit more flexibility, run it inside your DAW as a VST, and again should work just fine

    Bias FX 2 should adress the problems that we made scripts and plugs to get around, but even right now FX1 should do fine

  • I'm out, this is way too unstable (new upgrade with midi has been crashing), I just want to play guitar !! I'm going back to real tube head and pedals. Good idea PG but you can't seem to get it there. Some great sounds, good enough for writing but definitely would commit it to a record for the stuff I am doing. All the best PG'ers.