Help setting up Voicemeeter Banana

  • Hello, I am currently trying to figure out how to asign/route my audio so that I can use BIAS FX2 and listen to backing tracks or play along to a Tab Player at the same time. I have searched Youtube and can not find a single video that shows how to set up Voicemeeter Banana with BIAS FX and another program at the same time. So what I am trying to do is use BIAS FX with another program so I can hear the sound of both BIAS FX and the other program(GoPlayAlong) So that I can practice. Can anyone provide me with assistance in figuring this out. I am using the PC version of BIAS on a windows 10 PC.



  • A2

    I was pulling my hair out over this for so many years that I ended up doing a show about it!

    But really, you should be able to just run Bias in a DAW in plugin mode and just have goplayalong running along at the same time. Most audio interfaces are multiclient at this point so you shouldn't need voicemeeter

    Ive been speaking to VB for a few months about some changes that could help you do this if you really wanted, but right now, you should be able to use their ASIO Bridge and HiFiCable to get ASIO out of Bias into Voicemeeter....But again I'd just do it all in a DAW instead