Stomp I/O and Bias FX for iPad

  • I've been trying to get Stomp i/o working with bias fx on my iPad and I'm having mixed results.

    The 1st issue I noticed was a very high level of noise when working with the iPad compared to working with my Mac. I found that working on some cable management I was able to reduce noise levels a bit but I really had to be aggressive with the noise stomp box to get it down to a workable level. Bias FX did a better job of bringing the nose levels down then Amplitube did.

    The main challenge has been getting midi to work consistently with Bias FX. I have no issues with Amplitube (this was expected).

    The first time I started up, in default clicking switch 1 to 4 would bring up presets 1 to 4 in bank 8 no matter what bank I was in. I worked on this for awhile, deleting any existing midi programming and nothing really seemed to work until all of a sudden it did. I could long press switch 1 or 2 to change banks and then clicking switch 1 to 4 would fire up the right preset. I then went to stomp mode and set a couple of switches to control a couple of stomp boxes and all was fine.

    I went back to default mode and that all seemed to work for awhile but then it stopped working again. Hitting a switch would bring me back to a particular preset but this time for a different bank. I haven't been able to get back to a point where the default mode works the it is supposed to work.

    What am I doing wrong?