A few Parameter value related Bias FX 2 Wishlist items

  • Loving the work flow improvements in Bias FX 2. The IR loader, preset reorg and search functions are great. The Bias amp integration feels better now too... Also, can't wait for MIDI.

    Here's a few related to dialing in blocks that did not make it into 2 but I am still hoping for:

    Double click/tap to reset - I get that some of the PG tools are engineered to transition smoothly between mobile and desktop (and here's hoping the FX2 is planned for mobile ;) ). But the double click to reset thing seems like it should have been implemented it could be a double tap on the app.

    Block Reset: Maybe a right click to reset block to defaults item which does all knobs sliders to noon/default.

    Precise values: Similarly some way to enter numeric values. Maybe on the app it is part of the right click menu or it is a left click and hold. On the app, the tap and hold to MIDI map could be changed to a popup that allows selection between MIDI map and value entry

    If these made it in but I haven't caught them, yet, please let me know. :)

  • A2

    These basic GUI quality of life issues really need thinking about