Mini heads?

  • So I’m new to this and just got jam up/bias and irig 2 for my phone and love it for practicing by myself. im learning a ton of songs for a 90s-00s hip hop and r&b cover band. Believe it or not but I need lots of tones. I debated using the phone but can’t seem to get the levels matched and I need to use some pedals. The bias head is a little pricey for me at the moment but I just saw something about the mini head when i joined this forum. So a few questions, when does it come out? Im assuming it’ll be the same concept as the big boy so how does it handle pedals and drives going in front? I’m looking into getting the boss es5 controller to control everything. Any thoughts are welcomed.

  • @john-henry-mcwha hey John. I am a Bias Head owner myself. I push the front of my head with a Horizon Devices Precision Drive which it handles fantastically. I also use a TC Flashback 2 as a delay, which also sounds great through the head. I would say just about any standard pedal will function the same going into the head.

  • @john-henry-mcwha said in Mini heads?:

    So a few questions, when does it come out?

    A approximately release-date would be cool

  • @john-henry-mcwha Can't answer as to the mini release date, however I own the bigger head and use it everyday with a full pedal board (multiple drives/fuzzes, delay, reverb, looper etc) and have never had any issues. Just as with switching your pedal from one amp to another you may find that certain ones work better sound wise, or need a tweak of the tone knob, but they'll all work fine.

    If you have any other questions just ask :)