Guitar Match Experience

  • Hi

    What’s the general consensus on the Guitar Match feature in Bias FX 2?

    Anyone able to achieve good results?

    I’ve not had good results with it. Very noisy and sometimes difficult to get through the entire procedure successfully.

  • I consider it a novelty, but I wasn't expecting much from it. I used a similar feature in Revalver and Blue Cat's Requitar is similar. I have multiple guitars on hand when working with plugins, though, so I guess there is not much incentive.

    If I were interested in guitar modeling, I would probably look for dedicated hardware like the Line 6 variax. But honestly do not have much interest in vs amp/fx modeling which are truly just different kind of circuits.

    I suspect how this works is they 'profile' your guitar by capturing an IR like frequency response during the 'profiling' phase then setup an IR (i.e. essentially a 'tone match' like what Bias Amp does) that normalizes the guitar's response (this is the guitar's saved profile). Then, when you select a model (like a telecaster), they apply a second IR transform on top of the normalized one, this second profile is going to assume some idealized 'flat' input (in other words it is the tone match of a flat input -> target). This is going to result in multiplication of errors between the two processes (neither are perfect so the errors in both aggravate one another).

    It certainly doesn't make my superstrat with hot humbuckers sound like a tele.

    A process like the above would arguably work best with something really 'pure' like a piezo pickup or something.

    Although, again, to be fair, I have not put any effort into it beyond demoing it very briefly. I am more psyched about the looper, IR features, new modeling engine, new rack FX, etc.

  • I feel pretty much the same as you. I’ve got several guitars choose from and only tried it out a few times.

    I have to say the results where pretty disappointing.

    I’ve only tried it with a Strat that has stock single coils in the middle /neck and a Seymour Duncan Hot Rail in the bridge.

    I can successfully profile the bridge pickup but the end result is so noisy it’s unusable.

    Trying to profile neck pickup and I constantly get “profiling failed “

    Guitar Match was definitely not the reason I bought FX2 but, at this point not event sure why they included this in the software .

  • Hi

    For well-working profiling: Make chord arpeges, looking that all strings were matched. Then mute all strings immediatly after the last string matched. Then proceed on the same way on the other frets.