wishing for a harmonizer

  • working in bias desktop to develop a boston tone. without a harmonizer its tricky.


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    I'm actually kind of surprised there isnt one yet. Especially for iOS where there is no VST, its a pain hooking to other apps.

    For desktop, this free one works pretty good! http://aegeanmusic.com/pitchproof-specs

  • Thanks.
    I had actually downloaded that earlier in the day. And with quite a bit of tweaking inside my daw I find it to be ok.
    However I'm working to do this entirely in bias with no other plugins.
    I would prefer to keep the number of software components to a minimum as I intend to move from ipad to tablet pc as a mobile rig. Simplicity is my mantra.

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    The Aegean stuff is what I would call properly coded, I don't know if its WDL, but he's had support of that same community. We made some pretty complex setups with two guitars, vocals, bass and drums running live through a computer for some of our kids' bands, and well coded stuff can be amazingly simple to use inside a DAW rather than as a standalone program, plus with things like SWS Live Configs, you can really get some control power over the guitar, but I'm with you, I'd LOVE to see a harmonizer inside Bias FX, for iOS I have to run Tonestack alongside it in IAA in order to have one

  • i have several software options for the pc setup.
    i own podfarm, revalver, bias, sonar and tons of plugins.
    however everytime you add another into the mix making sure you get presets all saved, midi functions to work and levels matched up just becomes a big job.
    ultimately having one inclusive package covering all your needs is the best option. for me i would prefer the entire bias suite be my goto package.

  • This post is deleted!

  • not my best performance and i need a more detailed acoustic tone. but im getting very close with the electric tones.
    this was done in sonar with bias desktop.


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    Its funny but, I use use Peace of Mind and Somewhere in Time as the test for any harmonizer I'm working on. That sounds pretty good! You can IAA Tonestack's harmonizer in for now, but I've been begging for a harmonizer in Bias FX as well...Really want to see that and a multiband compressor (to deal with stage monitor issues especially), a decent basic RBJ parametric and HPF/LPF, and auto engage for the wah, then goodbye IAA!

  • well at this point this is without any harmonizer. i used the cloner to get that feel.

  • This thread inspired me to do an amp-matching test of my own:

    "Peace of Mind" harmony / amp-match test