License restrictions on second hand purchase

  • I'm was considering the purchase of a second hand bias rack and/or amp hardware. The owners all say they can transfer the software license after I make the purchase. I also noticed some "customer returns" and "open boxes" at places like guitar center. They all claim that I will be able to register the software.

    But after reading the EULA:

    Licensee may not export, convey, rent, sublicense, transfer or otherwise distribute the Software or any rights therein to any person or entity.

    and the FAQ:

    "We are not able to transfer the license from the previous owner to you due to our software license policy. You will need to purchase the BIAS Amp Professional (desktop) if the software license was already claimed by the previous owner. " would seem there is ZERO market for selling your gear after purchase or for buying said used gear. Is this accurate? I really like the demos and sounds I have heard from the VST versions I have had access to and would consider using a rack or amp in conjunction with the software. But does this mean that if:

    a) in order to buy a second hand unit I would have to shell out an additional $300 for the software

    b) I could never sell the hardware unit with the accompanying software?

    Thank you for any assistance.

  • Positive Grid has transfered the License from the pre owner of my Bias Head to my account. If you have the Login of the Account from the pre owner, you only have to write a email to Positive Grid.

  • It was the License of Bias Amp that came with the Head. I upgraded to Bias Amp2 Elite and Bias FX Pro.

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    @steve-0 BIAS Amp2 Desktop Pro license is locked to BIAS Head/Rack/MINI Guitar/MINI Bass, so you can ask the previous owner to send us a request to get the license. Check this tutorial: