Honestly, I'm disappointed with how user unfriendly BiasFX is in comparison to a DAW.

  • So I bought the pro version because I kind of wanted the IR loader, and I just realized I paid $100 just for an IR loader that still doesn't exactly function as I want it to.

    Before I upgraded I used NadIR, and what's cool about it is that you can hard pan each side and then set a latency of 20ms to give yourself a quasi- 2 tracked guitar sound, giving you extra spice during practice. Unfortunately this is not possible in BiasFX due to the fact that you can't place another mixer after the first one. I guess you can try to balance out the sound of both sides, but that's not exactly what I'm looking for, and you are also limited to 50 on each side, but the newbie in me might confuse the way both programs simply number it. I want the ability to pan after the mixed mono signal, not each mono signal separately.

    Another thing I hate is the user interface. Isn't it possible to have a smaller menu that expands instead of making us do a so many clicks, or the ability to mirror whatever I do in both amps instead of having to click back and forth to see what my values are? A **** undo button or shortcuts overall? I sacrifice the ability to use CTRL+Z if I choose BiasFX, and I severely miss it. Floating values BEFORE I click on the knobs, an actually functional pitch shifter similar to PitchProof? The new pitch shifter clearly shows it's possible to do in octaves without losing too much of the quality, and yet were only limited to an octave shift.

    The only value I find in BiasFX right now is the ability to save my effect preset in the cloud, while in the DAW I always have to reinstall every single VST if I want to get the sound I want again. But I also like to tinker around with my sound, and Bias is a pain when it comes to experimentation, while it feels like it prides itself in being user friendly with its looks. Then again, I can simply place my VSTs in Google Drive with a note that shows my discovered favorite presets.

    I think I'll refund soon and continue to use Bias 1, as I don't see why I should pay for stuff I rather not touch out of fear of having to restart my experimentation over and over again.

  • A2

    The DAW should let you save an fx chain

    And yeah, the Bias system is shall we say "light"? on GUI basics, hopefully that will be fixed soon.

    For all its faults, I can't find a sound I am as happy with when it comes to amps, so I figure ways around the quibbles