How do I use a backing track from YouTube to jam along with on bias fx2?

  • I’m trying to figure out how to use backing tracks to jam along to with bias fx 2. I would also like to be able to export these to say Dropbox etc thanks

  • You need just to play the YouTube video and to have BFX opened to play guitar. Make sure that Background Audio Mode is activated in BFX configurations.

    Regarding loading a song to an app like Dropbox, and then playing simultaneously, that works too. I have worked this way, but too with the App Documents and now I am using Audio Share. It is very nice to practice and to study.

  • Hi, at first you need a youtube converter (there are also online ones) and download the backing track. Then use a DAW like Steinbergs Cubase or Mixcraft, Reaper etc. and import it. Then you make a track with Bias FX opened, play and after that adjust eq, delay etc. I make it that way, but often I make the backing tracks myself. You can implement guitar pro files where also midi drum and bass tracks are and import it into the daw as vst instruments (important: set the right tempo in the DAW) . For that you need a drum plugin, I use Perfect Drums with Samples from Drum Forge and for bass you need for example the free ABPL by Ample Sound and then you can open bias fx 2 and use the bass gear.

  • I use clipgrab which is a fantastic tube grabber... it can do audio + video, or audio only. Then I just play it using a media player and jam away. You may have issues with dual sound streams depending on how you system is set up... two apps using an external interface simultaneously is sometimes problematic... but using a DAW solves that issue straight away.


  • I still don’t get how to play backing track over fx2 in Windows. Appreciate any advise. Cheers

  • @neild396

    I have bias fx 2 running on my MacBook Air and use a Scarlett Solo for the interface with my guitar.
    I want to jam with lessons/backing tracks.

    My headphones and guitar are both connected to the Scarlett Solo.
    In "audio settings" in Bias FX 2 I set the Scarlett Solo as the input and output device.
    When I run Youtube videos on my mac, (I often use Guitar Tricks too), I go to system preferences/ sound on my mac and set the output device as the Scarlett Solo. Done!
    Both signals now come through my headphones and I can jam until my fingers are raw without bothering my wife!

    I know this is an old post, but I could not figure this out right away, so maybe it will help someone.

  • @korkenknopfus Where is "Background Audio mode? I do not see it in Seetings (I am on Windows).

  • @tom_niesytto
    Oh I was talking about the mobile version of Bias FX. I haven’t played with backing tracks or YouTube using the desktop version, but in that case I guess you should first take care to activate “Release Driver when Application is in Background” (Cubase example, look for something like that in you DAW) in the driver configuration and, second, to look in your sound device under sound options in Windows and make that it is the same used by the DAW.