Fx loop on Bias Mini

  • Hi all,

    I’ve had my mini for about 2 months now. I’m getting some great sounds from it and it’s great live with both a cab and direct.

    I’m thinking of expanding the rig with a bias mod pro in front and maybe a bias delay twin in the loop.

    I have heard from a few places that there are issues with the loop being disabled when using both cab and direct outs. Is this true? If so it would kind of stop me putting anything I the loop. Can anyone tell me for sure if this is an issue or not?


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    @patitomark The FX Loop on the MINI Amp can be used properly on both XLR & SPK-Out at the time . Guessing that the issues you heard from might be related to BIAS Head/Rack since they do have a separate Parallel/Series Switch to control the FX Loop status. Feel free to PM

  • Does the EQ Settings after the Transformer Section take Effect to Speaker out of the Bias Mini? Or only to the XLR Output?

  • Yes, its being disabled. right now I used it with Direct outs. too sad that till now I didn't get response from the POsitive Grid support.

  • @felix said in Fx loop on Bias Mini:


    Same problem with the mini amp