FX 2 Preset syncing in AU & Standalone

  • Hi,

    I'm using FX2 both as Standalone and as AU plugin, but any preset that I create in one does not show up in the other.

    I assumed that ToneCloud would somehow handle this automatically, including syncing on multiple machines, but this appear to not be the case.

    Is there a way to keep all my presets in sync with each other?


  • Asked this question through support and got this answer back. Might be helpful to anyone else:

    It's because that Garageband runs in a sandbox, it has its own Documents folder.

    Please copy the contents of the PositiveGrid/BIAS_FX2 folder in Documents to the location below to solve this issue:


    Please click on the 'Go' menu in Finder while holding down [Option/Alt] to access the'username/Library' folder.

    or you can simply upload your presets to Tonecloud in BIAS FX 2 Standalone and download them in BIAS FX 2 plugin in GarageBand

  • You have to laugh at the use of 'simply'. Tonecloud seems to be designed to make things the opposite of simple!

  • Tonecloud is a method/platform for sharing presets. It is not supposed to keep individual instances of Bias FX 2 in sync.

    My stand alone and AU stay in sync automatically on the same computer because the AU and the App use the same preset directory. I have never seen an issue and I have been a PG user for a long time. All my PG apps work this way. About the only thing I could think of that would mess it up is if you thought you could keep both open at the same time and have them sync, which makes no sense to do really. So what @oliver is saying makes total sense that it is due to sandboxing of the AU's data.

    Also super cool tip once your data area is sorted is that: If you are a Mac user and use iCloud for your PG data directory, in fact, everything will stay in sync across all your computers for all types (plugin/app) and all products (Amp, FX, pedal). The only thing I have to transfer back and forth on is mobile <-> computer and I specifically upload and download the preset for that.

    It is pretty awesome really.

  • Copying the contents of the standalone folder is only a temporary solution. You have to do it again every time you make a change. A more permanent way to keep the standalone and plugin in sync (on a Mac) is to create a symbolic link for the plugin folder. Use the command:

    ln -s /path/to/standalone/BIAS_FX2 /path/to/plugin/BIAS_FX2

    (fill in the correct path on your system)

    This symbolic link will lead the plugin to use the settings folder for the standalone app. Now all your settings will remain in sync, whether you make changes with the plugin, or with the standalone app.