My Midi board.

  • I have been working on my own design of a midi controller just for bias ipad.
    I wanted something straight forward and easy to setup. getting a midi controller to match pedal status is not an easy thing. bias does not send any midi data out so the pedal doesnt know what state (on/off) things start in so often times the controllers lights dont match the ipad.
    i am using an arduino mega board with a nextion 5.0 display, ipad camera adapter and line6 sonic port vx.
    The basics are all done and im just detailing code and waiting on parts to do final assembly. it works perfect and im completely pleased with it.
    This link will give you a short video of the unit and its layout/operation. as i get it finished i will do a much more elaborate video. cheers.

    *note: towards the end of the video my wifes dove decides to put his 2 cents worth in.

  • A2

    VERY VERY cool! You aren't the first pedalmaker complaining that Bias FX doesn't seem to send a status message that a pedal is on or off, hopefully they can find a way to do this

  • Too bad there is not some query sysex or similar.