Bias FX2 Pro Latency issues

  • Hi,

    I have tried all the solutions I have found on this forum but I get a noticeable delay between plucking a string and the output, enough that if I want to play a scale or something it is off putting.

    I have tried:

    • 3 different ASIO devices and associated drivers

    • replaced the 64 bit with 32 bit standalone software

    I have found that the difference between say 3 ms and 1.4 ms delay is the same, as if the 1.4ms isn't making any difference.

    I am running this on a i9 9700k and 16gb ram, so I am going to say this isn't a processor issue.

    Also, when I ran the Bias FX 1 demo mode - I did not notice this delay, even if I ran it with the windows sound driver.

    Anyone have any ideas please?