Midi Capabilities in Bias Fx 2

  • Hey there,
    Just got the new bias fx 2 and was tooling around in it today. It's been great so far, but I notice that the midi settings are currently locked until an official update...? Wondering when that might be and also is there any plans to increase the midi functionality on DAWs other than Logic. I found some workarounds when running it as a vst in ableton, but I'd really like to see preset changes with PC commands and the ability to midi map more options. Is that something that will be addressed?

  • Moderator

    @james-lewis Hi, the MIDI feature will be implemented in the update in mid-April, it's postponed...sorry for the inconvenience guys...

    There will be MIDI CC/PC commands available.

  • Hi all, any news about the midi function? Installed the update last week but still seems to be locked in the pro version...

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    Hi, it's postponed and will be available soon, the ETA is 4/20-4/25, thank you

  • @mike One more here. I have Bias FX 2Pro, I was to buy the Elite version, but not until there is midi.

  • Ok we are looking at March already and no promise of MIDI update yet?
    Btw this is the most buggy version of Bias FX I've ever seen since days of yore.

  • I was first told the midi support would be available in mid April, then changed to end of April. Today is May 1 and I'm still not seeing an update. I purchased the Bias FX 2 version because it specifically indicated it had midi support. This is a bit discouraging.