Suggestion for Bias FX and Bias FX 2

  • At the moment I own four different guitars, with very different pickups, going from an ESP Eclipse with EMG active pickups to a Fender Jazzmaster with Pure Vintage '65 Single-Coil pickups, among others. This means that everytime I use Bias Fx (which is every night) I have to fiddle with the Input and Output volume, depending on the guitar I'm using, since the pickup output volume is so different.
    So my suggestion is to have the hability to create several guitar profiles (independent from the guitar profiling function), so you can choose the right guitar profiles for the guitar you're using. That would be really useful.

  • That's exactly what I asked for, during the Beta of FX2. Hopefully they wrote it down for a later release.

  • I'm not sure how you intend to use the function. In my mind input volume needs to be set on the physical interface (to avoid clipping but still getting a good signal). I'd set it so the DAW or stand alone doesn't clip, then I can have the input volume of the app on 0 at all times, so as to have all presets at the same volume. I also try to set all presets so output volume can be O too.

    Your different guitars probably need different presets, which you could collect in different Banks (for example: Les Paul Clean, Super wicked, or such).

    To me input and output volume are just for fast changes.

    But maybe I'm missing something.

  • Agree with what @john is saying... My guitars mostly have humbuckers but many have coil taps and one has EMGs. So I do get some variation. I don't have to adjust anything once the basic levels are set.

    I always took the lower input level of the lower output pickups/guitars to be part of their sound that's the reason high output humbuckers and EMGs distort so hard. If the interface is good and the plugin is well designed it should be able to take a wide variety of input levels as long as you stay in the green. If completely normalize the input every time you may lose some of the character of the guitar.

  • A2

    How about a basic return to zero/preset default/unity for the input knob at the very least? Add other basics like fine tuning and display values at a glance and then at least we CAN get back to our exact settings...painful right now

  • Bring back the “Global” noise gate?

    I liked this feature in Bias FX 1. It seemed to work well for me on most of my custom presets without having to add a “pedal” style gate to the chain.

  • Hovering over a knob or slider should display the current value for that particular parameter.

    Once a knob or slider is moved double clicking on it should return it to it’s original or default setting for that preset.

  • Having the ability to adjust all knobs and sliders with the mouse wheel would be very convenient. Especially for the cabinet microphones levels and equalizers etc.

    Most all of my other VST software has the simply functionality

  • And the knobs that are already controllable with the mouse wheel should change value a reasonable amount per click. For example, the various knobs on the amplifiers take 10 clicks of the wheel to advance from 6.0 to 6.1. Those knobs should change value by 0.1 for each click of the wheel. Right now, they're so slow to change with the wheel that it renders that functionality unusable.

    Further example: the basic digital delay pedal. If the delay isn't locked to bpm, scrolling the wheel over the 'Time' knob changes the delay time by 1ms per click. Fine and desirable. Turn on BPM mode, and scrolling the wheel while hovering over the Time knob takes forever to move from "1/4" to "1/4t" or whatever. The Feedback, Level and Tone knobs are all 0-10 ranges, and the displayed value shows a single decimal place while the mouse wheel appears to be incrementing/decrementing by 0.01. So the value doesn't visibly change with each click... and adjusting those knobs by 0.01 resolution is wild overkill to begin with.

    For what it's worth, some of my VSTs have the concept of a 'fine' adjust. Hold shift or ctrl down while scrolling the mouse wheel and the value changes by 1/10th the normal speed, so people that think they can hear the difference between a feedback of 5.0 and 5.01 could still dial in their perfect preset.

    In any event, the 'value' display should reflect the actual value. If you're going to let people adjust 0-10 controls by hundreths, then display 2 decimals. But adjusting by tenths would be much better default behavior.

  • Jhbradley,

    All very good points . I agree

  • A2

    Return to zerto, return to unity, fine tune, values at a glance, direct entry....these are all DSP audio FX basic 101 functions. Without them, you do not pass go, you do not collect 200 dollars, you go directly to jail.

    But as noted, this product has a very string following on mobile devices which make this sort of implementation tricky, and to put it in the kindest possible way, mobile users may not be all that discriminating or perceptive about these sorts of issues (and to be fair, this IS how a real peice of hardware behaves)

    But now, after tasting the flesh that is basic GUI design 101...we wants it! The precious!

  • @pipelineaudio said in Suggestion for Bias FX and Bias FX 2:

    Return to zerto, return to unity, fine tune, values at a glance, direct entry....these are all DSP audio FX basic 101 functions. Without them, you do not pass go, you do not collect 200 dollars, you go directly to jail.

    Amen to that! Well worded.

    I would think they could implement these things into the desktop software regardless of wether they add it to the mobile stuff or not. I’m no expert on writing code though, so what do I know?

  • make it possible to load and save bias fx2 presets into the bias mini guitar amp this would be ideal for playing live.