It's been a couple of weeks now

  • Being retired, and with time on my hands, I've spent quite a bit of time with my Bias head. It has easily taken the place of my Polytone 102 and can readily substitute for my silver face Super Reverb, just not (yet) the reverb or foot switch parts.

    That leads me to a few nits and Q's...

    I got a Fender type clone single button foot switch working and after a few days, the head started to switch itself over to some other amp profile where the modern / vintage LED was lit. After diddling with it I found that it was the foot switch causing it? I replaced it with a genuine Fender single button switch and the problem is gone.

    That begs the question... how can a mechanical on/off switch "bounce" all by itself? I would think that bouncing of the contacts while they're actuating is possible but sitting there after a power up and never having the switch pressed? Weird.

    Is there a way to assign which profile a mechanical foot switch selects as the second option? I found out which it selects, and can make that channel do pretty much what I need, but for the sake of simplicity can I just make the switch selection two adjacent selections on the "clean" type, say 1 & 2? Or like some multi pedals can I "exchange" profiles?

    Lastly, as it is the reverb if set past anything beyond the minimum, lies somewhere between strong echo and crashing reverb.

    I have not spent much time with the software but does the reverb "custom" knob have any ability to configure it if so I have not found it? No biggie if it doesn't

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    @garynappi Is your BIAS Head equipped with the latest firmware version? Feel free to write to us at and we will follow this up.

  • Thanks for the reply Felix, the amp is not nearby so I have to check at a later date, but IIRC when I first ran the BIAS amp 2 SW I seem to remember that there was a mention of checking whether the micro code / firmware was up to date or it updated it?

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    I got a chance to hook the head up to my PC and the firmware is: