bias fx 2 loading slowly on mac

  • My computer system is mac 10.13.6, I installed fx2, display loading when fx2 is turned on, this process will last for 5 minutes, sometimes even longer

  • Hi, I'm using Bias FX2 on a 2012 Macbook Pro, with exactly the same OS version and I notice no difference from the Bias FX (v1) loading times, which are quite fast (10 seconds tops). I did replace the HD for a SSD a couple of years ago, which massively improved performance. Apple's factory HD drives are quite slow (5400 RPM), maybe that's the reason?

  • @lffonseca hi,I also installed FX1 on my computer, it loads very fast (5 seconds), but FX2 loads very slowly

  • same problem here! so f**king slow! Mac OS 10.14. FX 1 loads very fast, I send a email to Positive Grid, hope they can fix this problem

  • This is interesting. With one of the OSX updates my Bias FX started having issues with load times. Often several minutes before it was ready to go. I've tried the demo to see if the problem still exists and its gone. Load times are what they were before I started having problems. That's good news for me.