Low Gain and Extremely High Noise

  • In FX1, I could pick a decent black/thrash metal preset, keep the gain on my guitar interface rather Low, and still get a quiet and beautifully distorted output. Now, I have to crank the gain on my interface to even escape the feeling of a weak crunch channel. And now the noise is unreal, it's as though I have 2 amps facing one another to maximise feedback, and 50 distortion pedals plugged in. The CPU usage is also way higher. My other equipment is all the same.

  • @mdad0601 There is a new auto level feature on the input you should use it get optimal input levels that will help a little.

    I am using higher noise gate settings on a fair number of patches too... it would be nice if someone from PG could comment on whether this is expected or maybe something that could be looked at by the developers.

  • @elric where would I find that? Sorry I'm a bit lost on the new UI.

  • @mdad0601 said in Low Gain and Extremely High Noise:

    @elric where would I find that? Sorry I'm a bit lost on the new UI.

    The Button that says 'Auto' on the left side of the bottom panel next to the Little Guitar picture for the Guitar modeling feature. It is between that icon and the input level slider. Once you get it right you can lock it with the lock button below.


  • @elric dude how did I never see that. Thanks so much!