Airturn bluetooth pedal BT200-s4 and Bias FX mobile

  • Anyone have any luck configuring an Airturn Bluetooth pedal to work with Bias FX mobile? Using JamUp right now but I love the flexibility of Bias FX and want to start using it live.

  • I just got the BT-200 S6 and it is awsome.... but cannot make it work with Bias FX... midi learn does not catch any signal...

  • I'll say that it "should" work. Use the midimittr app to catch the midi messages. Here's a link to write up I did a long while back doing something similar -

  • I'm looking at purchasing the BT200 — has anyone had any success using it with Bias FX mobile?

  • @chad-0 this from a review - "To make it work with Bias FX mobile on the ipad, one needs to switch it into “Midi Mode” first, which is done by holding down a button on the device and count the red led blink 7 times."

    of note might be that there is no expression pedal input on those controllers

  • I got it to work (actually two S-6 devices in open pairing mode for 12 buttons).

    1. Download the AirTurn Manager iOS app, and use it to discover your device.
    2. Open the device instance and tap "Switch Actions."
    3. In the Switch Actions window, choose "Mode 7", and the the switch you want to edit.
    4. If you want the switch to perform only an on-off task, leave Sequence Type as "Sequence," and tap "Mechanism" and change it to "Latch."
    5. Click on "MIDI Status" and scroll down to Special Control Change. Enter the CC # you want to use (pick a number from 0-127), and enter 127 as the Value. NOTE: You don't need to set an "off" value-- it's done by default.
    6. Go back two pages to the main window for the controller, and tap "Save to AirTurn."
    7. Repeat for the other switches.

    Set the AirTurn device to MIDI Mode. Hold the mode button down until the light blinks 7 times. Open BIAS FX (I'm using version 2)

    1. Choose a pedal for your board and load it.
    2. Tap and hold until the MIDI Assignment menu appears.
    3. At the top will be an item labeled "Power Toggle." Tap the "Learn" button
    4. Press the AirTurn button you want to use.
    5. The button should now be paired to the pedal. Repeat for the rest.

    Advice-- since there are no LEDs, use a piece of bright painter's tape, write which pedal the button controls and apply the tape to the AirTurn device under the button. Also, if you are using multiple AirTurns, be sure to label each one with their device ID to make things easier if you decide to make changes.

  • @jnoel I did the same but my iPad catches midi bt messages only if I turn on an app as midi wrench along with bias fx2.
    Without turning on the midi wrench app the bias fx 2 does not get any signal... does it work for you instead to biasfx directly?

  • @emils

    Yes. I had issues at first, and had to reset the AirTurn to factory a couple of times before I figured it out, but the instructions above, starting with a completely reset pair of AirTurn devices worked for me.