BIAS FX 2 update dpi scaling issue

  • Hi guys, I just updated Bias FX 2 to version and this introduces a bug that was not present before. I have a 2k screen and I used to set Bias FX 2 at 175% screen size, plus I modified the application high DPI settings on Windows 10 by setting "Override high DPI scaling behaviour. Scaling performed by Application". This resulted in a sharp and bigger Bias FX 2 picture.

    With the latest update, the same configuration results in a strange issue (shown in the picture below): part of the Bias FX 2 window is unused by the application, no matter what is the scaling factor (from 100% to 175%). Also, changing scaling behaviour from Application to System does not solve the issue on Windows 10.

    Any idea on how to solve this? If I just scale the window (without HiDPI override) the window is bigger but still blurry.


  • Also, I should mention that my systemwide scaling is set to 125% and I see that the issue doesn't happen if I reduce it to 100%. Until the previous version, Bias FX 2 did not have this issue at all!

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    @marcoxdebenedictis Could you please go to Settings->App Information and check the FX2 version there for me again ? Thank you

  • Of course: