Suggestion: Window Size in Bias FX 2 (and Bias Amp 2 and Bias Pedal)

  • It's nice that in Bias FX 2 (unlike Bias Amp or Bias Pedal) that you can scale the window size to 125% or 175% - although on my windows laptop 175% renders the app unusable and the only way to reset the size in the plugin is to launch the application (bad). What would've been much, much better is the ability to stretch the window open or closed to whatever size you need. I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants this. Thanks for listening

    Justin Arey
    Portland, Oregon (Bias FX 2 Elite, Bias Amp 2 Elite, Bias Pedals)

  • @justin Yes, I hope they add this feature into the Bias Amp 2 and hopefully pedal too; Since they are current products. I could understand if they decide it is not worth it for Amp 1 and FX 1.

  • @justin While the 125% and 175% options are nice for people with higher (spatial) resolution displays, I have to wonder why those two arbitrary sizes, and not also 150% and 200%.

    But mostly I'd like to see them make the window resizable separate from a scaling factor, in that I want to make the window larger (still at 100% scaling, or whatever) so as to see A) more choices at once in the preset browser and B) the entire signal path in more complex routings without scrolling left/right.