Presets - Matches for the Pro Series EQ?

  • Hello everybody! I am curious if there is any way for the users to upload presets - matches for the pro series eq, like it's done for the bias amp.

  • Moderator


    You can follow the steps below to match a source track and a target track:

    1. Select/create Source / Target tracks
    2. import audio files into these two tracks (not needed if there are audio files on these tracks already )
    3. insert Pro EQ plug-in on the source track
    4. loop a section that you want to match
    5. Import the audio from the target track as a side chain in the Pro EQ plugin on the source track
    6. Play the source and target tracks at the same time (the looped section), and click Match button to start the EQ Match process
    7. When you see the Blue and Purple line becoming steady, that means the matching is completed.