Bias FX v1 presets are not availabe in v2??

  • How can I import my saved v1 banks into v2. I put a lot of time and effort into these. If they are not compatible I am unhappy about that .

  • Moderator

    @adampinc We'll add a "Preset Migration" feature for migrating presets from FX1 to FX2 in the next update release, please stay tuned!

  • I just upgraded to FX 2. I am very disappointed. I cannot use old presets and my Bias Amp 2 custom amps do not show in FX 2. I hope there will be fix very quickly.

  • Yeah, bought it yesterday and had exactly the same doubt. That and the very low number of factory presets, which are always useful as starting points for new tones.
    Anyway, being able to import v1 user presets is by far the most important issue, so thank you Mike for the reply. Nice to know.