Sitar-like sound on G-string

  • I've got a sitar-like resonance/distortion on all frets of the G- and a tiny little bit on the B-string of al my guitars, with a lot of amps in FX2, in standalone mode as well as inserted in my DAW as plugin.
    I've been googling and found it could be a worn out nut, rough sadles, I read it could be microphonic tubes... It sounds a bit like the magnets of the pickups are broken, almost, but all other strings sound perfect.
    I found it could be intonation, so I went over everything at nut and bridge side, re-adjusted the pickups, but I cant find anything wrong there. I've been looking at everything on the guitars, but I cant find anything at all.
    Until I tried another amp in FX2 and all the problems were gone! So I started trying different amps and a lot have it somewhere from a tiny little bit, up to a whole lot, although plenty of amps dont have it at all.
    So I tried to bypass the amp altogether and also then the problem is not there. Also when bypassing Bias FX2 in my DAW eliminates the issue, so its has to be in a part of the FX2 amps.
    After some more testing I found another plugin that has it in trace amounts, but with a third I wasnt able to detect any sign of it. Also FX1 has it to some extend, but nothing as dramatic as FX2.
    So I'm pretty sure the problem is with certain amps of the FX2 software and not the guitars, convertors, or the DAW.

    Any ideas to get rid of this 'shivers-down-my-spine'-nasty sound is greatly appreciated.

  • A2

    Will gelvin seems to be plagued by this effect and has a few videos on it. I had it on a Carvin AE185 that was caused by a problem in the saddle groove of the G

  • Its not the guitar. I found Im able to get rid of the effect by bypassing the amp in FX2, or bypassing the FX2 plugin in my DAW. So far I found this effect in every factory installed amp from FX2, but when I load any random amp from Bias Amp2 the problem is not there.
    So, Ive got the problem isolated the factory installed amps from FX2, so far.