Bias FX II - unable to use Bias Amp 2 tweaked amps

  • Hello,
    i seem to have an issue in editing the presets in bias fx II.
    whenever i try to change the amp in the bias fxII preset with one i saved with Bias Amp 2, the selection window of the amp closes automatically.
    i can select bias amp2, click on the arrow to expand categories, and whatever category i choose it closes the selection window.
    Then, when i click on the amp icon, the selection window doesn't show up anymore.
    Even if i right click on the amp icon and click the replace option, nothing happens.
    This seems a bit annoying.
    Any solution out there?
    thanks in advance,

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    that was happening to me too! I had to remove all the files in the documents or whatever folder PG puts a lot of the stuff in.

  • I also have this issue.

  • @championshipvinyl
    It is a corrupt cate.json file in the Bias Amp 2 presets folder.

    For me it was only one amp category that was corrupt (Metal) so if I moved all the Metal amps to 'Custom' in Bias Amp 2, I can see them. As long as I don't select the 'Metal' category everything works. But if I try to open 'Metal', poof. Exactly as you describe.

    @Felix this is bug I reported and you have been helping me on. I can send you the ID if needed to refresh your memory, I just sent an update this weekend. I uploaded my Bias Amp data so PG has an example on hand.

  • Moderator

    @elric Well noted. I've created an official bug report and the issue should be fixed in the next build.

  • @felix Can we have specific instructions how to work around this for now? (i.e, what directories/files we need to move around in a mac). Thanks.

  • Uninstalled bias fx 2, removed all files in the document folder of my Mac including recent saved new presets, reinstalled bias fix 2 and still impossibile to use my bias amp 2 saved presets. In fact, after I try to change amp, it becomes impossible to change amp at all, the window does not show anymore even If I want to replace the amp with one available in bias fx2. No result even with right click and replace in the tab that appears. It does nothing.
    Any news/update/out there?

  • i've waited for an update but this hasn't fixed the issue. Bias Amp 2 saved preset cannot be used in bias fx. Everything remained the same and this is really annoying. I have to choose between usind either Bias amp 2 or Bias fx 2 and this is totally nonsense.
    Any solution to fix this issue?

  • I have this issue. PG?