BIAS Amp: How to move amps in a bank (change sort order)

  • Hi, can someone please help me. I do not own BIAS Amp for iOS (just FX) but I like to know if it is possible to drag & drop amp models within a bank?

    Maybe by a long touch and then drag & drop like sorting Apps on the iOS desktops?
    Or do I have to overwrite amps to change the order?

  • Yup, you can do that in BIAS AMP just like you guessed:

    1. Locate the amp you want to move, then click the EDIT button in the upper-right corner.


    1. Long-press the amp you want to move, then drag it to the target bank. (In my example, I'm moving the amp preset from source bank "Custom" target bank "Crunch.")


    1. With the target bank highlighted by a gold rectangle, release the amp preset, and it will move from the source bank to the target one.

    2. Click the DONE button in the upper-right corner to exit edit mode.

    You also can rearrange amp presets within a bank by long-pressing.

  • Cool. Thank you very much <3

    This surely will help a bandmate of mine

  • Sweet! Glad I could help. :metal_tone2:

  • Oh, maybe can you tell me too, why there is no input level ruler, when connected to the Head/Rack via Bluetooth?

    Bild Text

  • @sascha-ballweg - Sorry, I don't have a Bias Head. :frowning2: