BFX2 MIDI anticipation

  • I am interested in seeing how the midi is is implemented regarding the preset selection (probably pc #), wah ( auto engage? ) and scenes (pc#?? ). I have the awesomely flexible fcb1010 and and psyched to get a cup of coffee and start the programing :-)

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    You and me both buddy! I have high hopes though. I have mine setup with Uno and wireless Midi and battery power and drilled in a switch under one of the expression pedals just in case they fail to add auto engage again. I think they know exactly what we want this time and we shall be overjoyed

  • Lack of an "auto-engage" for Wah and various other effects was a real deal breaker for me in BFX1... I loved the tones in live performance, but hated having to take up an extra button just to turn on my Wah. This always seemed like a no-brainer.,, Controller pedals generally don't come with a built-in on/off button. (Kudos for making your own.) AmpliTube figured it out... So have a number of other companies. I hope PG gives their limited MIDI capabilities a huge overhaul.

    Speaking about that... When BFX2 came out, advertising drastically improved MIDI capabilities, I was like "Awesome!! I'm buyin' that shit!" I went all out on the "Elite" model. Downloaded it and... No MIDI capability at ALL! But it's coming soon... WTF?!? Don't sell the car without the gas pedal!

  • Hopefully, they will do something similar to AmpliTube's midi system... Every control can be assigned a cc#... with minimum and maximum ( reversible if needed.)... velocity curve... latched or unlatched... and an unlimited number of controls per cc#. With those controls, EVERYTHING including auto-engage Wah can be accomplished. THAT, along with their great tone engine, and of course, all the new bells and whistles that they added... I see a win! I've 4/9 marked on my calendar... (btw... we ARE talking about the U.S. way of marking dates.... month then day??? I'd hate to have to wait until September to actually use the software. 🙂)

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    Well, like amplitube's except not break it 5 years ago now and still not fix it no matter how much their users beg for it :(

    The rest of it, including polarity, range and scaling, alongside auto engage were in the thing I sent them ,so lets cross fingers!

  • So..... It’s 4/9..... The day you guys promised us some MIDI functionality on BFX2..... and..... waiting..... Remember? The $299 program we purchased with the promise improved MIDI control..... yet came with NOTHING.... making it essentially useless to me..... Then the apologetic promise that it would be ready by April 9th (today)..... Ring a bell?

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    @guitarkite I'm sorry that it's postponed to mid-April... our QA team is working on it to make sure everything is working correctly now, really sorry for the inconvenience