Audient iD4 + BIAS Fx and horribly glitchy sound

  • I just tried out an Audient iD4 with the lastest WIndows 10 drivers avaialble at their site and i'm getting horribly glitchy sound whether using the VST in Cubase or using the standalone desktop app.

    I can switch the buffer size on the interface to fix it temporarily but then it rears it's head again. I ended up switching back and forth between 128 and 256 to keep "resetting" it every 10-20 minutes.

    I switched to using the VSTs for Emissary 2.0 paired with NadIR just to see if it was the interface having the issue and I can use those for an extended time (hours) with no issues.

    Is there a known compatibility issue between BIAS Fx and the Audient iD4?