When is MIDI control coming to Bias FX 2?

  • Instead of "soon", a date would be nice. The software is basically useless without MIDI. Ridiculous that you would include the looper, wah, volume, whammy, etc. They're all useless without a MIDI pedalboard. I paid money for incomplete software. The screenshots literally don't reflect the software. Wheres the backing track feature in the looper? They advertise that it has improved MIDI and theres no MIDI at all. Is that even legal? The BBB will hear about this soon, for sure.

  • @bias I feel your frustration. In the past though, PG has always delivered on what they have promised (IMHO). I think it was a balance between releasing to the public to gain social media reviews and publicity v. waiting until everything was finished.

    I don't disagree with the frustration though. I myself am a little frustrated regarding the difficulty in importing BFX1 presets to BFX2... a tool is in the works, but I am quite impressed thus far the BFX2Pro that I am getting a little impatient.

    I guess their strategy of release 90% finished product in the end has a few downsides to it, but hopefully it will not be long before the midi implementation is unlocked.

  • I am also a bit miffed at this omission! Without MIDI, my new software is basically useless. To hell with the "Looper" or any other such bells and whistles... How about being able to change patches??? Use a Wah or volume pedal??? Seems like you should've concentrated on THAT stuff!

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    @bias Hi guys, it will be the update release on 4/9, sorry for the inconvenience, thank you

  • Any news on the midi function? I downloaded the updated version but midi is still locked in the professional version

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    Hey its now 10 days past 9/4. I haven't gotten any updates yet, when will it come?

  • It was re announced for middle April, until I know.

  • @korkenknopfus Its a liitle bit stupid, that the new version doesnt have midi control yet. Please let me know, when it will be posible.

  • It will be arriving in the mid-April release. This has been confirmed by PG a few times. Of course, I imagine that with the new functionality (scenes) that coming up and implementing a logical MIDI control scheme that no doubt differs from BFX1 is giving the developers and bit of a headache. I would rather wait from a good implementation and take the time to learn the other features of BFX2 that get something that is half-ass implemented but available upon initial release.

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    Today was sent this message to another thread:


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    Have you guys recorded some audio and while it looped manually switched thru the scenes? If the scenes still switch that well under midi, this is a serious game changer!

    I want my Bias FX pedalboard or Rack (or better yet combo!) soooooooooooooo bad!