bias head + Bias fx, setup help needed

  • Hello,
    i'm trying to figure out how to connect and use my bias head and only the fx (no amp and cab sims) of the bias fx desktop app running on mac.
    i'm not able to figure out how to connect the head to my apollo twin, the result connecting fx loop send --->line 1 in and line 3 out--->fx loop return is still no fx from the cab.
    tried the serial/parallel switch and still no fx.
    Settings in bias amp (input and output) are ok.
    anyone can help?

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    Is this the correct diagram on your end?
    Guitar In->BIAS Head
    FX-Send of BIAS Head->Input of Apollo Twin
    Output of Apollo Twin->BIAS Head (FX Rtn)

    Please always set the input gain stage to Instrument level to avoid impedance difference. I'd also suggest to disable all preamp/gain sections in BIAS FX Desktop to ensure the signal won't be processed twice. Feel free to PM.

  • hi @Felix, diagram seems correct.
    The only difference is that i have to use the output 3 instead of a monitor out so that i can route only the bias fx 2 signal to return to the head without all the sounds being played by the mac (i.e. backing tracks, system sounds etc).
    Am i doing wrong with that type of connection?

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    @championshipvinyl Have you tried any setup in the control panel of Apollo Twin?