Anyone else problems with noise gates?

  • I never had issues with gates in FX, but now Im trying FX2, the gates seem to work completely different from what Im used to. When I set them high ennough to actually do anything, they have problems opening when Ive had the volume knob closed for a moment, but still theyre set so low, they wont close when I stop playing and when I try to dampen the strings fast, I keep getting all kinds of peeps, rattles and pops.

    Any idea whats wrong and what I can do to fix it?

  • Same here, dunno why that is but it’s kind of annoying.

  • I’m experiencing the same issues. Lots of little noises when the gate is opening and closing. In Bias FX 1 I usually just used the global noise gate, which worked pretty well for me. No such option in FX-2 which I already miss.

  • I'm still having issues with these noise gate pedals in Bias FX-2. As I mentioned above. Never even had to use them in Bias FX-1 (used the Global Gate) and I'm not even making insanely high gain patches.

    I get a lot of artificial sounding static or bit crushing type noise in between notes while playing and forget letting a power chord ring out for any decent amount of time. As soon as the input level drops to around -24 or so here comes the awful digital sounding hiss or the gate is opening and closing leaving you with very unnatural sounding in & out noise.

    I've tried all kinds of threshold & sensitivity settings to no avail. The only fairly natural sounding setup I've found is using two "Merrow" Gates. One in "Gate" mode followed by another in "reduction" mode.

    I have several real amps and multiple ADA MP-1 rigs (not known for being a quiet pre-amp) using the stock gate in a TC Electronic G-Major that work flawlessly. So I have experience setting up a noise gate.

    I can get those "real" rigs to be dead silent when not playing yet still be able to let chords ring out and fade away naturally while not prematurely killing the sustain of single notes.

    The Gate sims in Bias FX-2 react nothing like my "real" setups. I want the old Global Gate from FX-1 back!

  • A2

    No hysteresis controls, which makes it pretty dicey

  • I have the same issue.

  • Same issue here. Lots of artificial sounding noise when the gate opens/closes. Extremely frustrating when you try to use a "crunch" amp and overdrive it a bit. It's like the software cannot handle additional gain stages even with relatively low amounts.