Can Bias Amp window expand to full screen?

  • Hi Crew,
    I see no way of expanding the Bias Amp software window to occupy the whole screen on my MacBook. Mine takes up about 50% of the screen whereas in most Youtube vids and demos I see it does occupy the whole screen. Can anyone please suggest how I enlarge and fix this? Thanks!! Deej

  • The window is not resizable. Changing your screen resolution would be the only way to change it.

  • @elric said in Can Bias Amp window expand to full screen?:


    I think this is a feature request. and not a silly one... Would be great if it could be full screen.

  • I just bought a 32" TV, and set the resolution at 1080. Lower will make eveything bigger.

  • @michiel-noordermeer While I agree that it is a good request the wording in the OP: "Can anyone please suggest how I enlarge and fix this?" does not sound like a feature request. It is a 'can someone tell me how to do this?' request. The answer to which is 'unless you are willing to resize your screen, you can't do what you are asking in the current version'.

  • For that matter, I can't think of any related apps being able to resize window. So it's not standard practice...for some reason.

  • @tannhauser Yeah, there are not many, it is certainly because of all those beautiful bitmaps... Which I have to admit, I do like all that 'looks like real gear' eye candy. :wink:

    TH3 can and Helix Native can. Revalver can do it in a simple way where you set a scale factor (like 100%,150%,200%, etc) and then restart the plugin trial and error style. TH3 is probably the best at it, of the plugs I use regularly, IMHO, but I would love it if Bias even supported Revalver's simple scaling style where it just blows up the bitmap based on a specific scale factor.

    Along the lines of those bitmaps and such, I think it would be cool if PG enabled more 'full' 'skinning' of custom amps in Bias. Like if I could create custom 'knob' bitmaps and use Different Fonts instead of the font that corresponds to the original, etc. What they have now is certainly fun and I have seen some people get creative with it but it would be even funner to be able to mess with cosmetics even more completely.

  • @elric : without giving things away: those last things are in the minds of PG. Beta.

    Scaling is fine by me. TH3 has a generic background/clipboard type deal. Looks late 90s, but gives more options apparently.

  • @elric Yes mate - correct, I wasn't sure if it was at all possible as I see full screens in videos, hence my wording. It's my first post so I might be up to speed with forum nomenclature ;)

  • @dejan : depending on the capture app, you can size the capture window.