Suggestions for Bass Guitar

  • I’m completely new to PG and it’s offerings. How new. I don’t own any of the products yet. While guitar is my primary instrument (38 years now), I’ve got my rig where I want it at this time. Now I’m also a bassist for almost as long and I’m looking to do something that does not require a 100+ pounds of gear at load in and the same 100+ at load out. I’m looking for a variety of preamp tones & effects and a decent Class D power section. I’m ready to build a neodymium magnet loaded speaker 4x10” cab with a tweeter that’s identical to one I designed and built for a close friend. The cab with the speakers weighs in at 47 pounds and it sounds killer. Don’t ask. Trade secret. lol

    Anyway, I reckon that someone here has already invented this “wheel” and can point me in the right direction. What say ye?

    Oh, kind of a P.S....I’m guessing as to which category to park this in as I’m probably looking at hardware and software both for all I know.

  • I am a guitarist too, but love to play bass anyway. I use BIAS Amp Pro on a old MacBook (2009) to feed my bass-tones into a very cheap china-build power-amplifier as output stage:

    From there I feed a 2x12"+ 8"+ Horn Bass Cab (without the cab-sim in the virtual signal-path) or the speakers of our FOH-System (with cab-sim activated) and love the tones I get out of the 4 available bass-models (Ampeg, Orange, Gallien Krueger, Fender).

    Hope this helps you?