BiasFX2 worth it for bass players?

  • Hello!
    I'm currently an user of the BiasFX 1 and normally i use it for recording guitars and some bass, but as a bass player myself i have never been really impressed with the software in bass in general (in guitar makes wonder), but with some tweaks i really enjoy to play in it.
    So i'm looking for some experience: I'm interested in upgrade my package to BiasFX 2, buy in the features it reads pretty nice stuff about guitar but nothing for bass, so, FX2 comes with some stuff for bass players to play around?

    Thanks in advance!

  • A2

    The multiband compressor! I did a video last night where it seemed to have some problems but assuming that gets worked out, a multiband compressor for the bass is an amazing addition

  • For bass I mostly use Amp2, it seems to sound a little more direct/raw, without loosing power in a long signal chain.
    What disappoints me with FX2 is that there are no bass guitars in the guitar match section.... I havent done much with bass yet, but my first impression was that it sounds quite a bit better than FX1
    Check out the demo and see if like what you hear