Upgrade Bias Fx 2 from 1

  • I stupidly bought Bias FX 1 a little over a month ago, did not know 2 was gonna come out so soon.. If I want to upgrade to 2 do I have to pay full price or is there a discount or something? Just checking because I looked and couldn't find any info and feel pretty bad I missed out on 2 like this lol

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    We can issue a special refund for BIAS FX Pro to you, (we usually grants a refund within 30 days)

    Since we do have a upgrade discount for BIAS FX 1 users, please see the link below

    BIAS FX 2 Pre-Order Pricing

    For BIAS FX 2 Pro,
    You purchased BIAS FX 1 Pro at $99 + the upgrade price for BIAS FX 1 users $ 99 = $198 in total,

    If we issue a $99 refund to you for your BIAS FX 1 Pro purchase, you'll have to pay $199 for BIAS FX 2 Pro.

  • @mike Thank you for the reply Mike.
    So in other words I have to pay about $100 dollars either way right?
    So no need for the refund, but how do I pay the $99 upgrade price? Can only find regular buy links in the bias fx 2 page?

    Also another unrelated question, is the tonecloud (where you can download other user created tones) available in the pro version or only the elite?

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    @frqd92 You can login on this page and purchase the upgrade, Tonecloud is for FX2 STD/Pro/ Elite, hope this helps!