New owner (used) with Q's

  • While I wait for the serial number to transfer to me and I can download the software, I've spent a lot of time familiarizing myself with the U-I, I also setup a basic one button foot switch and played around with several cabs I have.

    So far there's no mystery to my using and tailoring the presets. And for once I'm enjoying the clean sound without any unwanted distortion, crunch, gain or overdrive.

    What is unclear is the tone stack, topology and tube stages.

    The high freqs end the tone stack is very rich with a wide range of frequency control, with the exception of the Bass control, it's very nearly ineffective.

    In order to get a mellow sound the treble, middle, and presence controls I have to set in the dirt at or near 1 Regardless where I have the tone stack, Type/model, topology and tube stages with normal (not bright) and vintage (not modern) switches set.

    Next up is the Type/model, topology and tube stages. I'm not hearing much difference between most of the settings, not like changing over to real tube and SS amps anyway.

    Are these issues made clearer after I install the software? I'm hoping that once I get the software going, I can at minimum goose up the frequency range of the bass control. I suspect my other issues go away also?

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    I guess it may not be clear, I'm using the Bias head

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    @garynappi Can you upgrade the firmware to latest version to see how it goes? Simply download and install the latest BIAS Amp2 Desktop and connect your BIAS Head to computer to proceed the upgrade.
    You can download BIAS Amp2 Desktop here: