BIAS FX iOS High Pitched Squeal/Stereo Ouput Mode error Loop

  • Here we go...

    I get a high pitched squeal if Bias FX iOS runs in background mode via IAA. I'm using AUM as a host. If I change view to the Bias FX app it immediately ceases the squealing but starts again after some minutes in background mode. What's up with this? I tried out Amplitube iOS and it doesn't exhibit this kind of behavior so I'm assuming this is PG problem.

    Also, I had some problem with loading IAA devices in Bias FX as a standalone app. I get a message saying it only works in Stereo output mode and I select 'OK' to approve that but it just keeps looping back to the error message.

    Any ideas?

  • Yep,
    I registered on the forum just to tell you you’re not alone. I have had an ongoing support ticket with PG… Getting nowhere. Basically they can’t replicate it so it’s not their problem. Wrong! There have been no changes on my end, but after a PG update (not sure which one) any preset with IAA Is exactly as you described. For the record I’m using an Iconnect audio4, changing to an Apogee Jam fixes the problem but that’s not an option because I need midi as well...and it worked before, so…
    The squealing you’ve described also happens every time I’m trying to record in Cubasis and also happens with BIAS AMP 2.
    Positive grid has created some very interesting products, and I own most of them… But their support system is among the worst. Ultimately that will likely bite them on the way out the door.

    Good luck

  • Hi, that's Interesting gtrguy. Thanks for chiming in.

    I'm also using an iConnectAUDIO4+. I'll try a different interface, see what happens and report back. I got a reposnse from PG Supprt but it simply said, they need more time to respond. :(

  • So, I can force the squeal issue by launching Bias FX in AUM and then opening the YouTube app. Flipping back to the Bias FX iOS app makes it stop.

  • PG still haven't replied to my support request.

  • I have the same issue. I use BIAS FX 2 on an iPad Mini 4 connected to a Focusrite iTrack Dock and running through Cubasis 2. BIAS FX 2 is loaded with all the IAP's. This thing sounds fantastic but then the dreaded squeal/buzz. I've researched the web and found two "fixes" which I will try today. One was to change the buffer size and the other to change the sample rate. Both of those settings are found in the DAW. I will also try recreating it in Auria Pro to see if it handles BIAS FX better.

  • @musecrafter

    Bias FX2? Are you sure? I don’t think that’s available on IOS... could be wrong.

    Lukedoyle - I Heard back from PG, they are not even going to try and fix it, like I said if they can’t replicate it it doesn’t exist. Since were both using Iconnect we should start a ticket with them, it must have something to do with the way bias fx is seeing input from the audio interface. Have either of you tried a different interface?

  • @lukedoyle said in BIAS FX iOS High Pitched Squeal/Stereo Ouput Mode error Loop:

    So, I can force the squeal issue by launching Bias FX in AUM and then opening the YouTube app. Flipping back to the Bias FX iOS app makes it stop.

    I can generate the same squeal by using Apple headphones/mic in the lightning port so I don't think it's an issue with the iconnect interface.

  • @lukedoyle right, the squeal is probably an apple thing, I can reproduce it with Spotify as well. I was referring to the IAA/ stereo mode error message.

  • I’ve had a bite of a breakthrough with this. I’m not sure if it’s Bias FX or MIDI Guitar 2 that is the culprit...maybe a combo of the two. Thankfully PG CS have been in touch and I’ll provide them with info when I can. Do any of you use MIDI Guitar 2 for iOS? Experienced any problems?

  • @vaultnaemsae so what's the breakthrough?

  • @simon-1 ...8 long months ago I had figured out how to trigger the issue but the app was still broken. PG don't care about dealing with it or fixing their broken (cr)app. Thanks for taking our money and giving very little in return, PG ㅗ. Almost any other developer would look into it and actually fix it. I only hang around this forum these days in the hope that I might hear some good news if anything actually changes (seems it won't though).