Will BIAS FX work with BIAS Head?

  • Is there a way to get BIAS FX to work with BIAS Head for the effects part. I have not had much luck in getting decent sound out of my rig. I am using a IRig HD2 out for the amp head. I have tried the guitar input (front of amp) and the effects loop but I can't get the settings tuned in correctly. Anyone else with this problem? Thx.

  • No, I don't think Bias FX work through the head (but I've only had mine 2 days!). From what I see and read, effects need to be either direct (front input) or via effects sends/ return in loop.

  • Bias FX does not currently work through Bias Head. Only what you can load in Bias Amp can be saved in Bias Head.

    I'm guessing that's a result of the dual amp options that Bias FX allows, and the limited capabilities of the knobs on the head.

    They recently added reverb functionality to Bias Amp, which brought reverb to the Head as well. Maybe down the line this will continue to expand.

  • @speck1987 I've been trying to get my effects unit to work in the effects loop and front of amp as well and have had almost no success. I've been attempting to use the eleven rack and the 4 cable method to get my time based effects through the effects loop and everything else through the front of amp. What I've run into is in parallel mode I get nothing through the effects loop or nothing out of my cabinet, and through serial mode have only gotten a single volume level coming out of the amp that isn't changed with the "master" or the "output" knob. My connections go as follows, guitar -> Eleven Rack -> Eleven Rack FX Send -> Bias Rack Input -> Bias Rack FX Send -> Eleven Rack FX Return -> Eleven Rack Output (Amp 1 or 2) -> Bias FX Return. I've tried different combinations and connection sequences to no avail so far. So I guess, yeah, I'm experiencing a similar issue.