BIAS FX 2 for mobile?

  • Is there going to be a BIAS FX 2 version for mobile devices like iPad & iPhone ?
    Please advise

  • Would love to see the new FX 2 on my mobile device!

  • This is a very interesting question. Waiting for answers from developers

  • I am definitely crossing my fingers. There is a lot there in FX2 but the newer iOS devices have ton of CPU power.

  • @elric I disagree. The iPad Pro on the 12 Bionics processor has incredible performance. Therefore, there are no problems with the equipment.

  • I think the question is the profit of the company.

    To release the mobile version of BIAS FX2 is not very good for the products of BIAS hardware, the same bias mini amplifier. The price for the application will not be comparable to the cost of equipment. The application will appear, but not soon. Although I'm sure it already works)) ..

  • @ar2an Actually you are agreeing with me. I was saying the modern iOS hardware Processors are CRAZY POWERFUL. Should easily run FX2.

    As for the business side... Part of the value proposition for PG is not only the sales of the App but the brand recognition and completeness of their ecosystem too. Also, their hardware processors interface to iOS devices and who knows what other hardware they have planned... ;)

    So there might be additional incentive beyond the cash from app sales. They may have a good methodology for porting/cross development too. I expect so, given that they even ported FX1 to the iPhone. So the cost might be minimal making the apps more profitable than their price tag suggests.

  • A2

    Almost positive these products are made in Juce, so in a way, it is actually already there (though it still needs tweaking for each port)

  • @pipelineaudio any other amp sims that could be tweaked to bring to iOS you think?

  • A2

    theoretically, andyhint done in WDL could be, at least in the newer versions, so that would be all the audio assault stuff, and TSE I think, if I remember right

  • @pipelineaudio well there is a service that lets you side load apps to iOS without then hitting the App Store and going through all that process. It would be realllllly cool if there could be some conversion if some things

  • @brian-dress said in BIAS FX 2 for mobile?:

    @pipelineaudio any other amp sims that could be tweaked to bring to iOS you think?

    Overloud has stated they are planning to bring TH-U to iOS. It is a killer plugin.

    They are working with DV Mark to bring a Bias Amp style amp too. It does not do amp matching but it does have FX.

  • @elric would be cool if we get “Rigs” on iOS. Hopefully THU has better IR management for iOS than PG. oh the humanity. This is so critical for me as all I have is an iPhone. My pc crapped out

  • I also, would love the Bias FX 2 for would be absolutely great!

  • Same here. I use Bias FX live through an Alesis IO Dock with iPad in there, LOVEEEEE it but would really love to up the game with Bias FX 2. Surprised no developer has commented on this thread yet.

  • Well, I’m not sure we can expect PG to reveal their business plans before they are ready. Also, I think that as we’ve seen with a few other features and even if you follow other products/developers; comments by devs get taken as promises or commitments by the customers so they have to be careful.

  • There have been two major players in the guitar rig modeling software industry that have catered to both pc/Mac and iOS - Positive Grid’s Bias and IK Multimedia’s AmpliTube. (Technically, Line 6 is in the game too, but their modeling software is abysmal and requires specific hardware.).

    The big plus with PG’s Bias, has always been their cross-compatibility between their pc/Mac and iOS versions. While AmpliTube has fully fleshed out versions on both pc/Mac and iOS, they are essentially two completely different pieces of software... They look different... They sound different. Bias FX on the other hand, makes a near perfect emulation of its pc/Mac software on its iOS app. I’ve always appreciated the ability to take my live performance rig from my laptop, and bring it to my iPad for practice.

    Hopefully, PG continues this cross-compatibility by introducing Bias FX2 for iOS. Or at the very least, introduce the new effects, V2 amps, and maybe the guitar match feature to the original Bias FX.

  • A2

    The iOS version of amplitube is so anemic its not even worth mentioning. It really is only amplitube like amplitube vst in name only.

    Tonestack is the closest thing to AMplitube on iOS

  • @pipelineaudio It's not here yet, but apparently TH-U is on the roadmap for Mobile. They are releasing a Head like the Bias Amp hardware that works with the App, too. Look up the 'DV Mark Smart Multiamp' it was shown at NAMM this year. Difference is the DV Mark unit can do FX as well as amps (TH-U has really good FX, too).

    So, that will put some heat on PG to port 2 to Mobile, I think. I'd be willing to bet it is in their plan anyway, since as @guitarkite noted, the cross platform thing has been a huge thing for PG, I think. It really is a major differentiator. They are the only platform that is truly front to back compatible.

  • @pipelineaudio Agreed! Compared with the pc/Mac version, AmpliTube for iOS is toy. I find that strange though... Given that modern iPads should have the processing power to handle the real deal.