Automating Bias FX Pro in Reaper (resurrecting a year-old thread)

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    I use Reaper and just got Bias FX Pro this week. While I tested the demo version pretty well before I purchased, I neglected to test the automation via parameters.

    Like the original post referenced above, when I assign a parameter to an effect toggle I experience problems. In my case, the slider on the automation lane in Reaper is stuck either far right or far left. Assigned MIDI input won’t move it and manually drawing points in the automation lane has no effect. I can click and drag the slider with the mouse but as soon as I let go, it snaps back to the far left or far right (whichever it wa stuck to originally) and the movement is not registered in Bias FX. If I leave the effect parameter asssigned and continue working, Bias FX crashes and takes Reaper with it.

    I’ve kludged a work around by making two presets for my signal chain- one with the effects disengaged and one with them engaged. I assign MIDI cc values to each preset and then open a new track in Reaper with the ReaControlMIDI plugin. I insert MIDI items on that track at each place where I want to engage or disengage the effects and create a MIDI event at that spot that sends the cc value for the appropriate preset. I then set a send on the new track to the guitar track with Bias FX. It works but it’s a pain.

    It has apparently been a year since this problem was identified. Does anyone have a fix? I’d like to upgrade to Bias FX 2 but it’s a deal breaker if this feature doesn’t work.

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    Not sure if its the same problem, but Bias FX has MIDI overload on toggle parameters like wah on and off, which would cause things to get really sticky, slow, munchy and a bit unreliable

  • That certainly sounds like the same problem (or at least a related one). Is there a workaround?

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    Not as far as I know, though there are ways in reaper to force fewer messages (I think)

    If I remember right, the issue is that there are two lines of midi control in BiasFX anyway, one if meant for few messages, in order to receive envelope type automation. The other is meant to receive messages quickly but fewer in order to accept like volume pedals or toggles.

    Some of the toggles were only assignable by the envelope style, which means its just asking for trouble