Bias FX 2: Mono To Stereo...

  • Hi,

    I use a headset plugged into my Focusrite when playing with Bias FX (1). As some of you may know, that if any preset is not Dual (instead of Single), you will only hear sound in your left headset speaker. This is providing you have Mono To Stereo disabled. The way I got around this was, was by selecting Left in Mono To Stereo. This would allow all effects, regardless of Single or Dual, to come through L & R speakers in my headset.

    Unfortunately, this does not work in Bias FX 2. It still currently works in Bias FX(1). The Audio settings are set to the same in both applications. When I click *Left in Bias FX 2 on a Single channel, this does nothing.

    Appreciate your help,

  • go to audio settings and change the input to mono. for some reason stereo is one speaker and mono is both. took me forever to figure out.

  • @supragabe
    Are you referring to the “Desktop” (Plugin) version or the Standalone version. I don’t see that it’s possible to select “mono” input on the desktop version... I just see the “Mono to Stereo” option. It that it? The only choices are L or R.

  • Hi, for those who are still looking to a solution, I found out the following logic: say you plug your guitar, which is mono, you need to select mono as an input, and then stereo as the output. If you select stereo as an input, one channel will receive the mono line of the guitar, but the second chanel will not receive any signal ==> then the first output line will receive the signal from the guitar in one chanel and no signal in the second chanel. But if you have set your input in mono, then this mono signal will be sent twice, one for each out stereo channel. Hope this is clear enough!

  • @alanraven69 I don't have a Focusrite but my Berhinger works the same way.