Initial nits with FX2

    • Not at all obvious how to import my Bias FX presets.

    • Liked having quick access to a noise gate in the input section (bottom left) of the old version. Now I have to edit all the presets that don't have a gate in order to add one.

    • The Looper - awesome, the reason I bought the upgrade. It should be able to keep playing the metronome during playback (with an adjustable volume). The backing that I want to solo over isn't always going to be rhythmic enough (e.g. long sustained chords) to predict when the chord changes will occur without the metronome.

    • Window Size - Well, I guess it's nice that you allow the window to scale up for guys running 4k displays or whatever, but what I wanted/hoped for was the ability to have a larger window without scaling, so as to see the entire signal chain without scrolling left/right.

    • Scenes - excellent addition. Would like to see the ability to right-click the numbers and get a context menu (or some other mechanism) to copy a scene, or re-order them, etc.

    • Tuner - nice improvement!

    • Scroll Wheel support - oddly slow. Takes forever to make larger changes. Would think one 'tick' of the wheel should increment/decrement the pop-up 'value' box by one tick (e.g. "7.3" to "7.4" on a tone knob). Takes about 8-10 ticks on the wheel to move the control to the next value.

    More to come as I play with it, probably.

  • Re:
    Honestly I am pretty happy that the window scaling is there at all. It is much better than the option we had before, which was: squinting and leaning in real close to the display.

    Re Presets:
    Is there a way to import them? I went to my tone cloud is not showing my old presets? Could be a bug as many other folks old presets are. @mike @Felix @Joe-Kuo

    Yes, the scenes are gonna be great.

    I just fired it up and registered it but should get to play with it this weekend.

  • Give us an option for whether the tuner should be muted or not. Or simply remember whether it was muted or not and bring it up that way when the tuner is re-opened. Preferably across sessions.

    I'm not using this thing for live playing, and as such have no need/desire to mute when tuning; would prefer to hear the guitar.

  • A2

    I got a video up this morning, so joyous of a surprise...but still no midi...Pretty much everything else I asked for though!!! So happy. Tempted to put my Dante card back in and see if it crashes.

    Hoping that they do some efficiency passes. Bias FX one was SERIOUSLY a CPU, resource and stability muncher and really wreaked havoc on low latency reliability. And I am pretty sure nearly all of that was due to the way they implemented copy protection. Bias FX 2 still feels "sticky" to me and RT CPU numbers are a bit scary...crossing fingers

  • A2

    is "replace" working for anyone for custom heads? Either crashes or just ignores the request here

  • A2

  • @pipelineaudio
    yes, it's working here

  • Moderator

    Hi guys, We'll add a "Preset Migration" feature for migrating presets from FX1 to FX2 later after the official launch. Please stay tuned!