Bias FX live

  • Hi everyone!

    I've been using Bias at home for about a year. Really liking it. So I decided to build a rig from the ground up for live use. Last week I used it for two auditions. The sound wasn't as good as I hoped (was direct into the pa) so I'm considering a tube power amp. Maybe something EL84 based.
    So I'm curious, how are you guys using it live?

  • @roland-fantom-g7 Make sure your rig is configured properly. Modelers require a different setup than an amp. Are you running a traditional cab or FRFR? I use a traditional guitar cab a lot with it and you have to specifically disable the cabinet sims or it will sound incredibly muddy/muffled for example.

  • You haven’t told us what interface you’re using and how you’re monitoring your sound at home. It might be that you are eq-ing your tones on a system which exaggerates the top end. More info required.
    I assume you are using Direct Out in global settings and that you are aware you can compensate the eq for live situations, also in global settings.

  • Thanks for your replies, guys. Yes, you're right, I wasn't very forthcoming with the information. Sorry 😇

    So my home practice setup is as basic as it gets. My guitar into an Apogee Jam into an iPad Pro. The live rig is guitar -> Relay G30 (wireless) -> Automagic Silver Machine (wah) -> iRig Stomp i/o. From there it went (first time) into a modest PA system in stereo, and on the second occasion I fed it into the power section of a Mesa Rectifier half stack. Both times I adjusted the global settings and the mono/stereo switch accordingly. The result sounded sterile and artificial.
    I just got back from a session tonight (running into the power section of an unknown Marshall) and it was a totally different story. My rig was singing. The bassist and vocalist both commented on how good it sounded. Why the difference? I doubt it was the amp 🤔
    What I did notice after the session. I'd forgotten to set the global settings to Stack Power amp. I inadvertently left it on Direct Out! So, despite this not being the correct configuration, I think I'm sticking with it. Couldn't believe an iPad could sound so heavenly!! 😊

  • @roland-fantom-g7 Did u plugin to a line input or a mic channel input. while your using Bias amp in your chain, it doesn't want to go into another amp like a Guitar Amp or Mic Channel. it should sound great if you plugin to a stereo channel or Cd, mp3 input because its a Line output from your gadget. Goodluck

  • hey sorry if this has been asked but as i am new to the digital/midi world
    I want to use amp-2 and fx live with a real cab
    I will be using Bias amp mini
    ipad air
    focusrite irack
    behringer 1010 pedal board
    I am not sure of the hook up process. I did make a guessed diagram but having trouble loading the pic
    will try to resend
    can anyone shed some light
    thanks john

  • One thing to be aware of.... If you’re EQing your initial sounds via headphones or small speaker at home, it’s going to sound vastly different pushed through large PA. Many people EQing through headphones try to push the low-end of their guitar signal to try to achieve that hard “chunk” sound they hope to hear. They also add far too much overdrive to their sound. While these modifications may sound fine through headphones,, they can wreck your live sound.

  • A2

    I was pushing hard for a multiband compressor for bias FX2 for just this reason. Using the low band you should be able to really get your "at home" sound without worrying about mushing out the PA